School Age Lessons

Breather 2 or Adv Breather Lesson-857

Our school age lessons cater for all abilities from complete beginners through to pre-competitive swimmers. Our teaching methods place the emphasis on good technique before swimming distance. We also place high importance on giving your swimmers 'downtime' activities, so that when they're waiting for their turn they are practicing a relevant skill. This provides as much reinforcement and practice time as possible for the swimmers. The majority of classes are 30mins long with a maximum of 5 children per class. However our higher levels can extend to 45mins and have a higher number of children in.

Our pathway of progression and objectives throughout are detailed below:


  • Blowing bubbles
  • Submerging independently with bubble blowing
  • Unassisted front floating
  • Unassisted back floating
  • Independent streamline kicking on front 4-6m
  • Independent back kicking 4-6m
  • Independent front to back rotation

Advanced Beginner

  • Streamline freestyle kicking 6-8m
  • Back kicking arms by side 6-8m
  • Independent freestyle arm strokes 6m
  • Independent catch up backstroke arm strokes 6m
  • Seated dives
  • Unassisted front to back rotation with back kick to safety
Boy showing starfish


  • Streamline freestyle kick 8-10m
  • Backstroke kicking arms by side 8-10m
  • Backstroke swim catch up arms 6-8m
  • Side kicking in breathing position with board support 8m
  • Freestyle with correct bilateral breathing using board support 6-8m
  • Kneeling dives

Breather 2

  • Streamline freestyle kicking 10-15m
  • Backstroke kicking arms by side 10-15m
  • Side kicking in breathing position with no support 10-15m
  • Backstroke swim with windmill arms 15m
  • Standing dives with instructor assistance
  • Freestyle with correct bilateral breathing with no support 10-15m

Advanced Breather

  • Streamline freestyle kicking 15-20m
  • Streamline backstroke kicking 15-20m
  • Freestyle swim with bilateral breathing and no support 15-20m
  • Backstroke swim 15-20m
  • Standing dives
  • Introduction to breaststroke kick


  • Strong efficient freestyle kicking 25m
  • Strong efficient streamline backstroke kicking 25m
  • Freestyle swim with correct bilateral breathing 25m
  • Backstroke swim 25m
  • Breastroke kick with feet turned out 20-25m
  • Introduction to somersault
Freestyle swimmer
The following levels are our higher level classes where the instructor will teach from poolside and classes could be larger than 5.

Stroke 25

  • 2 x 25m freestyle maintaining correct timing of breathing
  • 2 x 25m backstroke maintaining a good body position
  • 2 x 25m breastroke kick in streamline position
  • 25m dolphin kick arms by side
  • Introduction to swimming into a somersault
  • Standing dives with correct entry

Stroke 100

  • 2 x 100m freestyle maintaining correct body position and efficient stroke length
  • 2 x 100m backstroke maintaining an effective 6 beat kick and body rotation
  • 2 x 50m breastroke with correct timing of kicking & breathing
  • 15m butterfly with kick and arms
  • 5m swim into wall, tumble turn & 5m swim out
  • Standing dives with 5 glide under water

Stroke 200

  • 200m freestyle with high elbow recovery , efficient stroke length
  • 200m backstroke maintaining effective sweep pull
  • 100m breaststroke with correct timing of arms, breathing & Kicking 
  • 2x 25m butterfly with correct timing of legs, arms and breathing
  • 200m swim with effective freestyle tumble turns
  • Standing dive with 3 dolphin kicks underwater in streamline position


Mini Squad

This is a 45minute session and swimmers are strongly recommended to swim 2 or 3 times per week. There is still a large technique focus but we start to introduce more of a 'coaching' focus and is the first step into competitive squad swimming. Once swimmers are deemed 'ready' by our club coaches we offer 2 pathways after our Mini Squad level. One is down the competitive route and one is squad training to assist fitness for other aquatic sports that your child may be involved in. To read more about these ask reception at your site and read our squads pages.

All of our stroke and minisquad swimmers get the opportunity twice per year to participate in our race days. These are a great intro into competitive swimming but we put the emphasis on fun and giving it a go! Swimmers choose which events they would like to have a go at and swim against children from other locations.

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