Preschool Lessons

We recognise that preschoolers need a different style of teaching compared to school age children to help keep them engaged and take into account their stage of development. We us an activity based programme that builds upon the fundamental swimming skills. These fun activities are designed to reinforce the skills learnt by the swimmers. Learning through structured play / fun activities is a hugely important part of the learning process in preschoolers. We strongly believe that our method is the best way for your young children to learn and enjoy at the same time. This method keeps the class very interactive for the children; in turn keeping the children interested and focused, so they ultimately learn more.  Just as importantly it means that the children have great fun in a structured environment and want to keep swimming!

Our Preschool classes are limited to a maximum of only 4 children per class and all lessons are 30mins long. We have three Preschool levels for our 3-5year olds, as detailed below.

Preschool 1

  • Unassisted safe entry & exit
  • Unassisted travel through water with feet able to touch floor
  • Instructor assisted submersion
  • Unassisted eyes, nose and mouth in water
  • Equipment assisted starfish (front & back)
  • Kicking at the wall

Preschool 2

  • Equipment assisted travel through water (with feet off bottom)
  • Unassisted starfish float (front & back)
  • Equipment assisted front kicking 5m
  • Equipment assisted back kicking 5m
  • Unassisted push and glide (approx 2m)
  • Unassisted front to back rolling
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Preschool 3

  • Unassisted streamline kicking 6m
  • Unassisted arms by side back kicking 6m
  • Unassisted 'chase' armstrokes 6m
  • Equipment catch up backstroke 6m

Once the children reach school age they will transition across into our school age programme. The instructor will recommend which school age group will be most suitable. To find out more info on specific days and times please contact your closest site:

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To find out about our specific days and times available please contact and / or read your nearest site's page:

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