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The swim school offers a competitive training program as an extension of the learn to swim program. This is for young swimmers who have come through the learn to swim levels and are keen on having a go at competitive swimming. We have squads training at both our Kelston and Mt Eden Pools.

Usually the coaching or teaching staff will discuss this with the swimmer and their parents once they think the swimmer has mastered the skills required to make this step. If you believe that your swimmer is ready or they have expressed an interest in participating our coaches will be more than happy to discuss this with you.
Once your young swimmer is ready they will be encouraged to join one of the squads providing ongoing technique development and fitness training. These squads are structured to be challenging and to provide stepping stones to accommodate your swimmer's development.
The coaches are vastly experienced in swimming (read more on their backgrounds here) and will guide you and your child through the steps involved. Our philosophy is to develop the swimmers with a sound technical base and at their own speed. The coach will advise you on what they believe your swimmer requires to progress and prescribe a program to help in this process. This means that the swimmers will be swimming with others around their own age and level of skill. As they grow older and develop their swimming then the requirements will be adjusted to continue to challenge them.

The swim school has produced athletes that have competed at all levels of swimming from the local Auckland competition to the Olympics.

As well as swimming, the coaching staff are interested in the overall development of your swimmer and see the sport of swimming as an ideal place for young people to test themselves both physically and mentally. They will be taught skills like goal setting, time management, self reliance, self discipline and how to deal effectively with success and failure. They will also be part of a positive and motivated team.
The competitive program is linked with the  Mt Eden Swimming Club who administer the swimmers registration with New Zealand swimming and manage the entries, travel and accommodation details for local and away competitions. 
Squad fees are set depending on which squad the swimmer is part of and are payable quarterly to the Dean Greenwood Swim School. The Club subscription is over and above the squad fees and is payable directly to Mt Eden Swimming Club.
If you are interested in having your child join the squads, please contact the coaches below:

Junior Squad Coach - Britt Wichstrom

Senior Squad Coach - Don McKenna

Mt Eden

Head Coach - Michael Mincham


Click here to see Laser Mt. Eden swimming club in action!

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