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Our Story

The Dean Greenwood Swim School has been contributing to local community aquatic needs for over 20 years. We have the privilege of working with many schools and local community groups to promote and facilitate a safe aquatic environment. From pool management, to the design and upgrade of existing facilities to fully utilise the school's asset in the local community, we have the experience and know how, to make a positive change in your aquatic facility. Our services offer you the ability to open your facilities to the community, with the peace of mind that it is well run, well maintained and most of all safe.



Community Aquatic Facility Development

Over the last 20 years we have worked on many projects within community aquatic facilities. If you are thinking of upgrading or renovating your facility, why not contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we can help you. Our services include;

  • Full project management, from small projects to total rebuilds
  • Pool and facility advisor – we understand pools. We know what makes a good facility and the challenges faced when designing or re-developing a facility. We can help you make the right decisions.
Covering and heating an outdoor pool - why not make your outdoor pool available all year round to the local community? We have extensive knowledge and experience of covering outdoor pools to fully utilise this valuable asset.

Health and Safety Audits

With the ever changing Health and Safety landscape, it is now more important than ever to make sure your aquatic facility is meeting all the necessary health and safety requirements. We can offer a free Health and Safety audit to assess your facility’s needs and suggest the possible changes needed to make it a safe environment for all users and staff. Let us help you make an informed decision on how best to protect you and your community in your aquatic facility.

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Pool Management for Community Use

Are you thinking of opening your pool up for public use, or do you offer 'pool keys' to parents of the school? Are you concerned on how this may impact on the health and safety obligations of the school?

We offer a range of pool management options, which can be tailored to your individual pool needs. Some of our pool management services include:
  • Staffing of the pool for public use, including fully trained and qualified lifeguards.
  • Daily water testing to ensure chemical levels are maintained to a safe level for users, including monthly microbiological testing.
  • Cleaning of the pool area and changing rooms, including pool vacuuming and periodic bleaching of wet areas to eliminate mould.
  • Regular plant room checks, including backwashing of filters to maintain safe and clean pool water for users

"Dean Greenwood Swim School have managed our indoor 25m pool for the last 13 years. During this time Dean and his management team have shown themselves to be a very professional team. Dean is totally responsible for maintaining and up keeping our pool with our students use during school hours. The Board of Trustees are very happy with Dean and I would hope the relationship continues for future years"

Elliott Crawford, Property Manager, Kelston Girls College

Swimming Lessons

We pride ourselves on our school swimming lessons. We can offer a range of swimming lesson options, including delivering Greater Auckland Aquatic Action Plan (GAAAP) lessons to eligible schools. Our services include;

  • Fully trained and experienced swimming instructors
  • Smaller class sizes than average school swimming lessons
  • A program designed to focus on building strong and efficient technique
  • A strong Water Survival component to build lasting water safety skills
  • Comprehensive assessments of student progress and achievement for the class teachers
  • Achievement certificate for each student
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Water Safety and Other Educational Programmes

In addition to swimming lessons, we are also able to provide other education programs such as Water Safety, Snorkelling and Swimming Sports. The benefits of these services include;

  • Flexibility of bookings. Programs can be booked as a one off to coincide with a specific project, or regular ongoing bookings.
  • Fully trained and experienced swimming instructors
  • All the necessary water safety equipment needed, such as lifejackets, boats, rescue apparatus.
  • Snorkelling equipment including, snorkels, masks, fins
  • Fully managed and organised School Swimming Sports programs

Full Facility Management

In addition to our pool management service we may also be able to offer our full Facility Management service. This service allows a school to remove the cost of running a pool from their budget by using us to fully manage the facility. In addition to the above services, this option would also include;
  • Full responsibility for the management  of the pool and plant room, including a full plant repair and maintenance programme to extend the working life of this valuable asset.
  • Full management of the pool and user groups, including the appropriate staffing.
  • Full and comprehensive health and safety plans for the facility.
  • Ordering and purchasing all pool chemicals needed to maintain a safe and clean pool environment.

Contact us to chat about how we can help your school

Email: dean@dgss.co.nz    Phone: 021 849 643



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