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Swimming Lessons

All of our sites (Mt. Eden, New Windsor, Kelston, Massey, Northcote and Sunnynook) hold swimming lessons for babies and toddlers from aged 6 months, through preschool, school age and up to
adults. We also cater for every ability so whatever your goals give us a call today to find out how we can help.

We hold lessons at all of our sites 7 days per week and have multiple lessons running at any one time, which means we can be flexible in offering you the time/s that suit.

The majority of our lessons are 30mins long with the exception of squads being 45 mins -1 hour. 

The children are assessed on an ongoing basis and move up as soon as they're ready. You can follow their progress and see objectives achieved through our online customer portal.

What makes DGSS unique is the emphasis we put into ensuring progress and our teacher training. We have a system whereby the managers and teachers monitor your child's progress closely. If your child has been stuck at the same class level for 6 months, or more, we will assess your child and speak with you and the instructor to develop a plan to move forward. Please be aware there are common sticking points and sometimes it is 'normal' to reach a plateau for a short while. However this is taken into consideration and discussed with you. Click here for more info on how we ensure your child has a professional, caring and thoroughly trained instructor.

Enquire Today!
To contact us please call or email your closest location:
Kelston (09) 827 9635 kelston@dgss.co.nz
Massey (09) 622 3153 massey@dgss.co.nz
Mt Eden (09) 630 1123 mteden@dgss.co.nz
New Windsor (09) 627 3026 newwindsor@dgss.co.nz
Northcote (09) 869 8320 northcote@dgss.co.nz
Sunnynook (09) 869 8319 sunnynook@dgss.co.nz
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Mt Eden
(09) 630 1123
New Windsor
(09) 627 3026
(09) 827 9635
(09) 622 3153
Glen Eden
(09) 370 0608
(09) 869 8319
(09) 869 8320