Booking Conditions

The following booking conditions apply at all of our sites at all times:

         Booking information:
  • DGSS operates a perpetual booking system, meaning that once you have made a booking it will remain at the same time and day on an ongoing basis (including school holidays) until such time as you move up a level or you request to change days/times.
    DGSS also reserves the right to cancel or condense classes that fail to reach a minimum capacity or are seasonal. DGSS will endeavour to find another suitable time for the customer in such circumstances.

    Holiday Leave:

  • Each swimmer will be entitled to 4 weeks holiday leave in each 12-month period. This means that we will secure your space during a scheduled holiday free of charge. This must be notified to the swim school before your holiday. This leave is in addition to our normal closedown periods of 3 weeks at Xmas and 1 week during the year.

    Progress/Move Ups

  • The swimmers instructor will asses their individual progress on a weekly basis and advise when they are ready to move classes. This information is available via our Customer Portal. At this time it may be necessary to adjust the time and day of their lesson.


  • All fees are billed for on a monthly basis, and must be paid before the first lesson of the month. DGSS does not accept part-payments for swimming lessons. This payment will continue until DGSS has been advised that the swimming lessons are no longer required. If fees are not received by lesson 2 of each month your child will be unable to continue their lessons until the account is brought up to date. This may mean the swimmer loses their space in the class.

  • We accept the following payment methods; Automatic Payment, Credit Card/Eftpos on site & Internet Banking. Please note: we no longer accept cash or AMEX.

  • If signing up to Automatic Payment you will receive 4% discount on your fees (only applicable to regular, weekly lessons and no discount applies to holiday programmes, private lessons or squads). Fees are deducted on the 1st day of each month, any failed payments will incur a $2 charge for each retry.

  • At least 24 hours' notice is required to cancel an upcoming automatic payment. This cannot be done through the customer portal; you must notify our reception via phone, email, or in person to cancel an upcoming automatic payment. Please contact us at reception if you need to change or update your payment method, i.e. if your card has expired.

  • There will be no lessons on, and you're not charged for public holidays.

  • DGSS is unable to grant refunds under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of each student and/or their family to attend the lessons they have committed to. Credits will be considered (at the manager’s discretion) only in cases of serious medical incapacity, and will be limited to 3 lessons. A medical certificate will be required.

    Make Ups
  • Make up lessons are available for lessons missed as long as DGSS are notified of the absence before the start time of the lesson. These are subject to availability and will have a one month expiry. They can only be used when you have an active booking and cannot be used as payment substitute. Make-ups can't be booked when there are outstanding fees on a swimmer's account. Please note: makeup lessons can only be booked up to 14 days in advance.

    We recommend you notify us through the Customer Portal. Alternatively, please send us an email or contact us by phone (if you are unable to get hold of us please leave a voice message).


  • Whilst every effort is made to confirm instructor’s availability, the swim school cannot guarantee a particular instructor will be taking a lesson.​​​​​​

    Public Swimming

  • No public swimming is available during swim school hours as the pool is reserved for lessons only.


  • If you wish to stop swimming at any time, a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required which needs to be advised to the swim school reception. Please note: there are no refunds after the start of a month and fees have been paid.

    Holiday Programme Bookings

  • Any Holiday Program Lessons must be paid in full at the time of booking.
    There are no make up lessons for missed or cancelled classes. 
    Please note: children under the age of 8years must have an adult or guardian (over 16years old) on site for the duration of the program.

    Parental Supervision

    The Dean Greenwood Swim School (DGSS) complies with the ACC Poolsafe Requirements and has systems and procedures in place to provide a safe environment.
    Parents and caregivers do have a role to play in these procedures:
                    There is no running in the pool area.
                    Children must not enter the water before the instructor has asked them to.
                    Children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised by a parent/caregiver over 16.
    While DGSS understands there are cultural sensitivities towards swimwear wearing rash shirts and board shorts does create a large amount of drag and will inhibit the learning of swimming skills. This sort of swimwear is great for the beach and for protection from the sun but will make learning to swim difficult. A range of swimwear is available from DGSS Swim Shops. DGSS recommends the following:
    Girls       Speedo type togs (no bikinis, rash shirts or board shorts) and goggles and swim caps
    Boys      Speedo type briefs or shorts, lined nylon shorts, goggles and caps.
    DGSS understands there are times when family members wish to take photos of their swimmers.
    Please be aware that others may not wish to be in the photo or video. Please discuss your wish to record images with the site manager and they will assist in advising other swimmers and parents. At no time are cameras of any description permitted in the changing areas.

    $10 Lesson Special 
    Click here for booking conditions for our Summer $10 Lesson special.

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