How long are the classes?  

All classes are 30mins with the exception of Minisquad being 45mins.

How many participants?

Preschool classes are 4, School age are 5-6, Stroke classes & Squads may have more (contact your preferred site for specific sizes as they do vary by pool taking into account depth, safety and space available).

How old do pupils have to be?

Baby classes start from 6 months old. There is no upper limit.

Do I need to get in with my child?

Only for the parent & child classes, 6months - approx 3 years.

Can my child wear nappies in the pool?

Only approved swimmers nappies should be worn. Disposable swim nappies are available for purchase from reception.

Can my child swim before or after their lesson?

This will depend on whether space is available and if your preferred location offers public swimming. Read more on our available public times by clicking here.

What if my child is sick?

Make up lessons are available for lessons missed as long as DGSS are notified of the absence either before the lesson, or within 24 hours. However, these are subject to availability and at the manager’s discretion. They will have a one month expiry. They can only be used when you have an active booking and cannot be used as payment substitute. Make-ups can't be booked when there are outstanding fees on a swimmer's account.

What if we are going on holiday?

Not a problem. Each swimmer is entitled to 4 weeks Holiday Leave in any 12-month period. This is where we hold you space but you don't need to pay for the lessons. You can also opt for make-up lesson if you prefer or a combination of both Holiday Leave and make-ups.
If you're away for a longer period of time then you can cancel lessons and resume once you are back. Please note, we cannot guarantee the same day and time upon rebooking.

Are there any discounts?

We offer a 4% Automatic Payment discount off LTS bookings that are paid for via the Customer Portal each month.

How do I know if they are progressing?

At DGSS, our instructors assess students on an on-going basis. This means as soon as they have mastered an objective, it will be marked off their progress report and the student will move-up as soon as they are ready.
You have access to your child/ren's progress report at anytime through the Customer Portal. 

What if my child is not progressing?

It is not uncommon for students to plateau when they are learning to swim. 
If you have any concerns or queries regarding your child's progress, then feel free to speak directly with our Deck Manager or friendly reception team.

Can I change classes / days?

Absolutely. You can even do this yourself through the Customer Portal. Please note, some changes may result in additional charges if changing to a day that had additional lessons that month. 

What experience / training do the instructors have?

All our instructors attend our accredited in-house training course which gives them a nationally recognised qualification. Instructors are also required to attend regular training sessions and are performance assessed on a regular basis. To read more click here.

Is the water tested?

Water tests are conducted several times per day and also include regular microbiological testing.
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